Special Projects

Fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club, Healdsburg, CA


The Lost Arts sculpture was one of 35 mini-trucks created as a fundraising project for the Healdsburg Boys & Girls Club. The project theme, “The Trucks Stop Here”, was inspired by the rich agricultural heritage of the surrounding region. The truck artwork depicts two graphic artists/sign-painters who, embarking on a new project, have become lost on their way to the job. Having attempted to cross the Russian River which flows through the town of Healdsburg, the artists discover that they are lost AND have a flat tire.

The title refers not only to the predicament our protagonists encounter but also to the now seldom-used “lost art” tools of the graphics trade seen in the back of the truck.
To the enjoyment of residents and tourists alike, the collection of trucks was on public display throughout Healdsburg for several months, then auctioned at a special event held at Sonoma-Cutrer Winery.