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February 1, 2022

Greetings of the Season— Year of the Tiger Project

The “Greetings of the Season” card was sent as Buttitta Design’s way to celebrate 2002 as the Year of the Tiger. The card was mailed to selected clients and friends. As the card unfolded, the enclosure was revealed—a detachable “bookmark” ornament, sent as a keepsake for good luck in the New Year. Rave reviews and lots of nice comments soon followed.


October 1, 2019

Good Things in the Life of Books— New Project for Robert Kourik

Front and Back Covers of Robert Kourik’s Lazy-Ass Gardening

Patti Buttitta contributed design expertise to Robert Kourik for his new book Lazy-Ass Gardening as book cover designer and consultant.

After successfully developing the cover design for Kourik’s Understanding Roots in 2015-16, Robert came back to designer, Patti Buttitta, for help with his most recent book that describes how to “Maximize your Soil and Minimize your Toil.”

Kourik supplied Patti with an artist’s sketch to use for the cover, however many changes, enhancements, improvements and additions were needed to bring the sketch into a usable format. Patti first converted the sketch to ultra-clean black line-art, created needed changes, added the improvements, then flushed out the black and white line art illustration with color backgrounds, bringing life and charm to the images. Robert asked Patti to be a consultant on the project, providing technical assistance for production of interior pages and images for final offset printing.

Keeping abreast of the latest graphic standards and current marketing trends, Patti also brings her expertise to clients for website design, online communications and social media assets.


Sugar Creek Banner

September 1, 2018

Surprising Things are Happening— New Project for Sugar Creek Vineyard & Winery

zzFB-Avatar_w-barsThe new logo identity for Sugar Creek Vineyard & Winery symbolizes the two banks of the creek formed by stylized letters “S” and “C”. Rapids are illustrated at the top of the water-like creek space which is formed between the two letters. Buttitta Design created the design and illustrations for Sugar Creek and developed a complete set wine labels to support the new marketing direction for Sugar Creek Vineyard & Winery, based in Carmel, Indiana.

Sugar Creek Winery contacted Patti Buttitta to redesign their logo and brand identity, as well as to create a set of wine labels for the winery’s estate-grown products. At the time, it seemed like it would be a limited project, but as it turned out, 16 different wine varietal labels were produced, plus labels for Sparkling Wine made from Chambourcin grapes. To fill out the offerings in their new Tasting Room, the owners had decided to add several wines made from grapes sourced from other areas, including California, New York, Oregon and South America. Located in a prime tourist area of Indiana, the wines featured in the Sugar Creek Tasting Room are created to appeal to both the new wine drinker and the more seasoned wine enthusiast.

Most wine drinkers on the West Coast are not familiar with the American-hybrid grape varietals that are grown on the Sugar Creek estate property. Because of the Indiana’s extreme weather conditions, including freezing winters and rainy, humid summers, the principal grapes grown in Indiana are Brianna, a cold climate white grape variety; Traminette, a floral, aromatic white; Chambourcin, a phylloxera-resistant red, and the newer hybrid Marquette, which produces a deep ruby-colored wine.

Co-owner David Phillips is an avid white-water rafter. He decided to name each varietal after a special rapid or spot in one of his favorite and frequented river areas. The back label notes tell the story of the wine’s connection to the place name along with style descriptions and characteristics of each wine. For the the back labels, a dry/sweet bar graph was created to help the consumer know what to expect. An illustrated paddle was added to the face label to emphasize canoeing, kayaking, rafting and all things outdoors that can be enjoyed in good company with great wine.

Sugar Creek Vineyard and Winery offers both dry and sweet wines from their estate grapes like Brianna, Chambourcin, Marquette and Traminette, as well as dry wines from California vinifera like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. In addition, Sugar Creek also offers a new sparkling wine made from Chambourcin grapes.

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