Jeanie Magic Coloring Powder

A Ton of Fun with DIY Denim Dyes —

Jeanie Packaging, 11 colors

Buttitta Design had a ton of fun developing the brand identity and packaging for a new line of denim dyes developed by Jacquard Products. The brand name JEANIE has the clever tagline of “Magic Coloring Powder”, which of course set the stage for playing off the “genie in the bottle” effect in the design of the logo.

Using some rather exciting photography shot by colleague, John Youngblood, under the direction of Michael Katz, each product color package evoked the trill of the DIY process. The lovely model had many wonderful expressions and created intriguing characterizations for each of the colors in the product line. Shown above are six of the eleven dye color packages.

Buttitta Design also create prototypes for in-store display units that feature new photo images and artwork developed by Jacquard especially for JEANIE promotions and sales materials.